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  1. Erin Sams
    Erin Sams at |

    Hilarious stories. Had completely forgotten about “boners.” More please.

  2. Susan Snyder
    Susan Snyder at |

    I saw Jackie Jones’s perform at the Narrators “A Dozen Naked Girls” for the theme “Parents just Don’t Understand” before a packed audience in San Diego. Jackie’s storytelling of her adolescent and teenage quandaries–of who knew what and saw what…and what THAT was–recalled with humour, wit, honesty, and a bit of song. Listening, I remembered being an insecure teenager, filled with confusion, wonder, passion, paranoia, and laughter all over again.

  3. Jeannette Tosh
    Jeannette Tosh at |

    Jackie Jones’s Podcast was hilarious. A must hear experience! Oh the trials and tribulations of growing up! Something God and Santa alike would chuckle at.

  4. MaryAnn Courtenaye
    MaryAnn Courtenaye at |

    I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt! Jackie has such a gift for turning embarrassing moments into comedy gold. Loved the way Jackie wove in all those 1960s cultural references—I was transported right back to my early teens, reading my friend’s Mad magazines and whispering about “doing it.”

  5. Katherine Stangle
    Katherine Stangle at |

    EVERYONE knows oboe players are HOT!… loved Jackie’s reading even though it did bring up some best forgot grade school memories.

  6. Suzana Norberg
    Suzana Norberg at |

    I was in the audience on this magical night! Jackie Jones’ story was hilarious. Whether it’s boners, book reviews, song lyrics or haikus, Jones is consistently brilliant. I would travel any distance or climb any reasonably-sized summit to see her perform her work. And it is performance. The delivery is just as hilarious as the writing.

  7. m-Diggity Martin
    m-Diggity Martin at |

    This is a hoot. The delivery makes the story even better than it already is. Super funny!

  8. Karen Apostolina
    Karen Apostolina at |

    This story was brilliant in its attention to detail and the awkward trials of being a teenager experimenting with sex in the suburbs. Jackie Jones is a fresh voice of a certain generation that is now, ready to hear it all! More please!

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