Behold! The Narrators’ 2018 Themes

We here at The Narrators Brain Trust are pleased as punch to announce our storytelling themes for 2018. Every year we come together—with long lists of suggestions from our storytellers, scrawled handwritten bursts of inspiration from longtime audience members, growing heaps of past year runner-up themes—and attempt to whittle down to a list of themes that we think might make for some compelling interpretations from our storytellers.

We are always surprised by what our storytellers come up with, how well our choices create shows with a variety of unexpected interpretations—or how common threads emerge. This next year will see the celebration of our 8th anniversary and we have some exciting special events and announcements in the works. As always, if you see something on this list that really tickles your storytelling fancy and you want to reach out now about sharing your story, please contact us.

Without further ado, we give you The Narrators’ 2018 Storytelling Themes:

  • January – Big Shot
  • February – Warning Signs
  • March – Keeping Up
  • April – Clubs
  • May – Rocking the Boat
  • June – Periods
  • July – The Perfect Plan
  • August – Cheating
  • September – Close Call
  • October – Guts
  • November – Fight or Flight
  • December – Ghosts